Forestry Pedagogical Training Day

EMLyon students and Forez high school pupils joined forces with two volunteer trainers on Sunday October 8 at the educational garden.

First of all, Corentin Chambriard showed the youngsters how and why pruning trees helps to protect nature. The youngsters were able to practice this difficult exercise of climbing to the top of trees without injuring them.

To find out more about pruning and get a free estimate, visit Corentin Chambriard’s website:

Next, Florent Tatin presented and identified the 30 or so species of trees on the Albatross estate. In this way, the youngsters were able to label fruit trees, hedges, conifers, broad-leaved trees and trees resistant to climate change.

After a convivial picnic, fruit tree planting and an analysis of tree species cut concluded this day of learning.