Fête de la Science in Lyon

fete de la science

This year, Albatross Foundation was present at the Fête de la Science with its Saphir application, developed in conjunction with the CNRS.

On October 13 and 14, the Village des Sciences, supported by Lyon 1 University and CNRS, opened its doors to the young public.

Until now, the content of the Saphir application modules, with their courses, games, memory and quizzes, had been developed by adults. For the first time, the content of the modules was developed by the children themselves, and the other children played with these new modules as developed by their peers.

In this way, Professor Jean-Daubias “worked” with 14 children over the 2 days, and all showed great interest at every level.

The fact that they were contributing to software that they could actually use at home afterwards amazed many.

Professor Jean-Daubias also appreciated the fact that they felt genuinely concerned by environmental preservation, and their strong motivation to come up with trick questions for future users.

We worked on 2 modules: the earth and the tree, which you can find online on the Saphir platform under the Saphir – Fête de la Science tab.

If you’d like to join our adventure, please contact us.

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