Who are we?

Albatross Foundation is a non-profit association, legally established in 2011 in Singapore, in 2012 in China and in 2017 in France. Its mission is to promote free education for all and to build a global organization for education for sustainable development of youth with innovative interactive and fun tools.

What are our objectives?

The continued destruction of the earth’s environment is a problem that requires action. We believe that education is an effective and sustainable action. Together, we can lay the foundation for building a healthier world.
We wish to educate and train children to sustainable development and humanistic values because we consider that they are the future and that they will play an important role in the challenge of protecting the planet.
Also, because we are convinced that the protection of the planet should not be the monopoly of a single organization, we work in a multitude of ways with different partners in order to raise awareness of sustainable development in the world.

What do we do?

Albatross works in different ways to achieve its goal of raising awareness:

  • Through a collection of 6 trilingual books (French, English, Chinese) of children’s stories, activities and games, aimed at helping children explore the world and better respect their environment.
  • Through a training program for adults and young adults who can then teach the Albatross courses to children.
  • Via the Saphir application developed by the CNRS-Liris, which offers a complete discovery of the environment, in an interactive and fun way, with didactic parts, tests and memory games.
  • Through thematic workshops (cooking, permaculture) and summer camps for children.

How do we operate?

Albatross is an i-foundation that operates with zero fixed costs, zero employees but 100 high-level honorary founding members from all over the world.

The members represent 1/3 scientists, 1/3 lawyers, 1/3 artists. They all work as volunteers for the association and help develop sustainable living conditions.

Where are we located?

Due to the environmental challenges in China, Albatross Foundation has mainly worked in its early years on training Chinese children in elementary school.

Children have also been trained in Brazil in the San Paulo area.

Since 2015, our action is focused on France with a location in the AuRA region, with programs on the environment and ecosystem conservation.

Our Awards

In December 2019, Albatross Foundation received the innovation award from the French-Chinese MEDEF committee for its project of fun water filtration activities in a classroom setting and via the digital application SAPHIR, developed by the Liris/CNRS AI lab.

In 2020, Albatross won the Paris Bar Pro Bono Award in the category of the Paris-Quebec Prize

And in 2021, Albatross was awarded the King Baudoin Foundation Prize.

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Our support to associations

We regularly support other associations such as :

  • theLAFAK association, which promotes training and entrepreneurship among young African students, in partnership with French schools and universities
  • AADH – Alliance des Avocats pour les Droits de l’Homme : “Being Defended, a Universal Right
  • Asylum Seekers Centre