Saphir, Educational Application for Sustainable Development

Saphir is a web application developed by the CNRS LIRIS in collaboration with the University of Lyon 1 for the association Albatross which works for the education of children in sustainable development.

It’s an interactive, multilingual application that raises children’s awareness of sustainable development issues in a fun, scientific way.

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Download Saphir,

a free educational application for sustainable development

Why did you develop this application?

Who uses the SAPHIR application?

The SAPHIR application is used by teachers in schools and by parents at home.

“Today, Monday June 22, 2020, we tested the Albatross – Sapphire app where we were able to learn about the Water Filtration process with the kids. We loved finding out how it was done and doing the experiment directly on the computer. We can’t wait to try the other programs, including the water cycle in urban and natural environments. Congratulations to the whole team of LIRIS/CNRS and the University of Lyon 1 who developed this program under the guidance of Professor Stéphanie Jean-Daubias.

Pauline Dussauchoy, Director of theArc-En-Ciel school in Violay

A first application was made on the theme of water, the first pillar of the Albatross Foundation.

Other applications are being produced on the themes of air, earth and energy.

What can I find in the Application?

Introduce children to fun learning methods through lessons accompanied by experiments and interactive games at multiple levels.

Video showing the Saphir application with the water modules and in particular the water fitration experiment.

Video on water filtration

The application looks like this:

responsive application

Download Saphir,

a free educational application for sustainable development

Application summary Download the Saphir application

Water theme:

What is water? (Under construction)

-Water filtration

-The urban water cycle

-The natural water cycle

Air theme:

-What is Air?

-The natural greenhouse effect

-Air pollution

-The health effects of air pollution

Earth theme:

-What is earth? (Under construction with/by young people) Biodiversity Bees

-Mushrooms Soil pollution (fête de la science 2023) Trees (fête de la science 2023)

-Sustainable agriculture (under construction)

Energy theme (under construction for 2024)

-What is energy?

-Solar energy

-The fire

-Renewable energies

Download the Saphir application

Saphir is an application designed to help educate young people about sustainable development. Thus, in accordance with the values of Albatross and CNRS-Liris, access to the content of the application is entirely free.

We thank you in advance for sharing your photo and video testimonies on the use of the SAPHIR application with children.

Our thanks for the video on greenhouse gases at the CCSTI: Galerie Eurêka – Centre de culture scientifique et technique – Réseau Science & Culture, Innovation – Chambéry.

Our thanks for the video on air pollution to the“Savanturiers – École de la Recherche “, an educational program developed by the Learning Planet Institute and now supported byAFPER.

Download the pdf presentation of the SAPHIR application here!

You can access the Saphir application by clicking on the orange button below.