Students from the Lycée du Forez trained in permaculture

lycéens du forez

This Monday, December 12, 9 students volunteered to participate in a first training session in partnership with the Albatross Foundation located in Pouilly-Lès-Feurs.
The association, which aims to raise awareness of sustainable development among young people in a scientific and fun way, receives groups at the
Buis with a project to create an educational garden.
The student volunteers benefited from the intervention of two professionals:

  • an agricultural engineer who was able to present the importance of knowing the soil and explain what a “living soil” is. Florent, the first speaker, also took the time to share his knowledge of forestry before having our students plant fig, plum and peach trees.
  • The second speaker, Aurélien, is an agroecological market gardener in Saint Marcel de Félines. He asked the 9 volunteers to prepare the soil for winter using materials found on site to amend the soil and protect it from the cold.

Our students had fun collecting dead leaves, horse manure, cardboard and hay and organizing future planting bays.

This day was very rich for our students who were rewarded with good hot chocolates and a snack offered.
The 9 volunteers are already ready to continue their efforts in future sessions to see this educational garden grow even more.