Training day on seeding and pollination

On May 23, 2024, a group of high school students from the Forez region attended an Albatross training course divided into two themes: seedlings in the sustainable agriculture garden and pollination.

The morning was spent under the aegis of our volunteer market gardener from Ferme de l’Oasis, planting the vegetable seedlings that had sprouted since their preparation during the previous session. Tomato, pea and eggplant seedlings have been planted in anticipation of their summer harvest. A new corn teepee was also built by the youngsters, and edible flower seeds were planted to speed up pollination.

In the afternoon, Dr Huguette Jalon, beekeeping veterinarian, gave a presentation on the life of bees in a hive and their queen, as well as queen marking procedures and parasites and other destructive insects such as varroa mites and the Asian hornet. A life-size beehive model illustrated the point, as did a live beehive that required protective equipment. The day ended with a delicious snack with homemade honey.

As part of our intergenerational action, our senior volunteer, Monsieur Georges, accompanied us on the day and shared his many years of experience with us.