Middle school students observe Saphir

In December 2023, 3rd graders from Lyon lent a hand to Pr. Stéphanie Jean-Daubias to include new content and videos on the Saphir application.

Our young trainees are Juliette, then Amine, Leart and Thomas, from left to right in the photo.

This internship enabled the young people to discover Saphir and the creation of an authoring tool for Saphir content.

We would like to thank the Centre de culture scientifique et technique – Réseau Science & Culture, Innovation Ville de Chambéry for the video of the greenhouse gas experiment that was integrated into Saphir: www.chambery.fr/galerie.eureka

For the videos with experiments on air pollution that have been integrated into Saphir, we would like to thank Savanturiers – École de la Recherche, an educational program developed by the Learning Planet Institute (now supported byAFPER ).