Afternoon discovery of the Saphir application

Albatross Sapphire training organized on March 13, 2021 by Dr. Sapphire. Françoise Corbesier, Albatross wildlife consultant.

The mobile application Saphir sur l’eau with its module on the urban water cycle was presented to the children of CP by Pierre van Unen. Pierre, who is originally from Belgium, is our first volunteer ambassador to deploy theSaphir application. This one was built in collaboration between scientists from Albatross and CNRS/Liris.

Bookmarks with the earth calendar were given to the children.

“This session introducing the Sapphire app to young children allowed them to play while learning. Everyone was very enthusiastic and asked many questions about the scientific aspects. They also enjoyed the games, quizzes and videos, especially those on water filtration, which were accompanied by a practical exercise with the filtration kit.

Dr. Francoise Corbesier