Water filtration

Water is a chemical substance composed of H20 molecules. Water is found naturally in the sea, lakes and rivers, but also in the groundwater. The water in our bathrooms and kitchens comes mainly from these last two sources.

But before reaching our taps, water must undergo a series of treatments to “clean” it of impurities and contaminants. It then passes through a water treatment plant also called a wastewater treatment plant…

But then, how to “clean” the water? What are the stages of filtration?

This is what you will discover in the “water filtration” module of the Saphir application, developed by the CNRS-LIRIS. Download the SAPHIR application.

The Saphir module on water filtration allows to :

If you’re interested in learning more, we invite you to try the Natural Water Cycle educational module in our Sapphire app.

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