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Albatross Collection - Life Environment Series


  • Albatross Life Environment Series include 6 essential topics about our living world: Water, Light, Air, Earth, Fire, and Tree.
  • Albatross, a collection of children's stories, handicrafts and games helps children explore the world around them and learn to better respect their environment.
  • Albatross, cartoons about the daily life of Chinese children allows children from all over the world to discover Chinese culture.
  • Albatross, a unique and unprecedented collection of trilingual books (Chinese, English, French) exposes all of us to read and write several languages.
  • Albatross is also a wonderful human and humanist adventure inspired by fundamental and universal values.
  • Suitable for Children 6 years old and above.


Download Albatross eBooks in pdf for free:

watercover lightcover aircover
earthcover firecover treecover