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Who are we ?

Albatross Foundation is a non-profit association established in 2011 in Singapore, in 2012 in China and in 2017 in France. Its aim is to promote free education for all and to build a global organization that promotes the sustainable development of youth education by means of innovative interactive and playful tools. Due to environmental challenges in China, Albatross Foundation focused in its early years on training Chinese children in primary schools with programs aimed at the environment and ecosystem conservation.

Initially, Albatross Foundation developed a series of 20 trilingual books (French/English/Chinese) targeting children's awareness of the environment and humanist values. The books were launched in 2010 at the World Expo in Shanghai with the first Albatross Collection set on the elements of nature (water, earth, air, light fire, tree) being presented to First Lady Carla Sarkozy and promoted during activities at the French Pavilion for 6 months. Thanks to Social Responsibility programs (Responsabilité Sociétale , or RES) for large groups, the Albatross Foundation went viral in China and France through a "Train-the-Trainers" method to train employees who themselves went on to deliver training programs to children.

As a result, at the end of 2018 :

  • More than 12000 children have been reached in 39 cities across 8 provinces in China and in cities in France such as Paris, Lyon, Grenoble and in the Forez-Loire
  • More than 12,000 children have been trained in 39 cities, in 8 provinces in China, as well as in Paris, Lyon, Grenoble and Forez-Loire
  • More than 72,000 Albatross books were distributed
  • More than 450 adults and young people have been trained to become "Albatross trainers".

In October 2019, Albatross Foundation was selected as a finalist for the Innovation Award of the Franco-China Committee of the MEDEF (Jury CNRS, Ambassadors JP Raffarin and C Villani) for its Gaia project that included fun water filtration activities to be deployed in French and Chinese primary schools via a telephone/web application developed by Liris/CNRS’ IA laboratory together with the Saint Etienne School of Art and Design. It is the intent of the Gaia project to stimulate both hemispheres in children's brains for an increased impact.

In addition, Albatross Foundation has partnered with its Arc-en-Ciel Albatross experimental school based on a Montessori/Freney/Singapore Mathematics Method with small classes of 15 to 18 children also providing traditional classes in Chinese, English, permaculture, yoga and equitherapy. The school operates on a participatory system with parents and an allocation of "Albatross credits" reducing school costs. The school is located in a rural area close to Albatross Foundation’s headquarters near the medieval village of Pouilly les Fleurs (Loire).

Albatross Foundation is an innovative non-profit organization :

  • It's an "i-foundation" working with no fixed costs, no employees and with 100 high-level founding honorary members from all over the world (1/3 scientists, 1/3 lawyers, 1/3 artists).
  • Albatross has a project approach similar to that of the World Bank as well as an ombudsman system with right of alert to address any potential corruption issue within the organization.
  • Albatross is financed in part through its own "a-commerce" site www.cretae2donate.net, a philanthropic sales site located in Singapore with a net profit distribution from sales as follows: 1/3 for the value creator, 1/3 for Albatross and 1/3 for the NGO selected by the buyer (or Albatross by default).
  • Albatross is financed in part through its own network of lawyers/jurists www.albatrosslegal.org who render their services Pro Bono (i.e. free and in solidarity with a donation of fees/royalties to Albatross).
  • The office of the non-profit Albatross, including its President, is composed exclusively of minors given that French law now authorizes the creation of non-profits by children and we, Albatross, want to educate our children from an early age to become responsible citizens, respectful of themselves, others and their environment.

« Children are the most influential communicators in building a future founded on sustainable development »


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