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Discover the project : Albatross - Saphir

The Albatross Book Collection - Life Environment Series

The Life Environment series includes 6 essential topics about our living world: water, light, air, earth, fire and tree..

  • Albatross, a collection of children's stories, crafts and games, helps children explore the world around them and learn how to better respect their environment.
  • Albatross, cartoons about the daily lives of Chinese children so that children from all over the world can discover Chinese culture.
  • Albatross, a unique and unprecedented collection of trilingual books (Chinese, English, French) showing us how to read and write several languages.
  • Albatross is a wonderful human and humanistic adventure inspired by fundamental and universal values.
  • Suitable for children 6 years of age and older.

Download the free Albatross eBooks :

The Albatross Trainer's Manual

The training manual includes instructions on how to manage a school class, a comprehensive lesson plan, support materials and other useful green resources.

With this book, teachers can train children to be environmentally friendly with fun stories about selected topics, including :

  • Trees
  • Energy
  • The sol
  • Water

Includes creative games such as :

  • The Waste Challenge
  • The Fish Game
  • The Carbon Game

Download the free trainer's manual in English or Chinese : 

albatross trainer GB
albatross trainer CN

Projet Gaïa : a scientific kit

Together with engineering students from the Saint-Etienne School of Mines and at the request of Shanghai Education Press, a feasibility study was completed to implement scientific kits on the subjects of Water, Earth, Tree and Energy.

The first prototype kit on Water was executed in French, English and Chinese.

projet gaia 01

projet gaia 02


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