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la famille Albatross Global

The Albatross Foundation was founded in April 2011 by Ghislaine Bouillet-Cordonnier, who handed over the presidency to Lucille Deville.

Dr. Ghislaine Bouillet-Cordonnier, Founder

Dr. Bouillet-Cordonnier holds a Ph.D. in Financial Law from the University of Lyon III with a thesis on a US-France comparison of Venture Capital, a Master of Law from Harvard University as well as Master in European Law and Business Law from the University of Lyon III. She is a member of the New York and Paris Bars.

Dr. Bouillet-Cordonnier has worked as a lawyer in international law firms in the United States and France and as legal counsel for the World Bank's privatization programs in Africa based in Cameroon. From Cambodia, she has participated in the freedom of the press and registration programs of Lake Tonle Sape as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Following her experience in international organizations, she joined major industry groups based in Singapore and Shanghai as Asia Pacific Senior Vice President in charge of legal affairs and for the coordination of sustainable development programs.

Ghislaine is the founder of the Albatross Foundation,(www.albatrossglobal.org),a non-profit organization created in China, Singapore and France with the aim of providing free education on sustainable development and training more than 12,000 children and distributing more than 72,000 books. Ghislaine is also the founder of the "a-commerce" website and publishing house create2donate (www.create2donate.org) aiming at promoting authors, artists and other creators of intellectual values by means of a philanthropic distribution of profits (i.e. 1/3 for the value creator, 1/3 for the Albatross Foundation, 1/3 for an NGO chosen by the buyer or by default by Albatross). She has published the first collection of Albatross Children's Books, published in three languages, Chinese, English and French, and launched at the 2010 Shanghai World's Fair.

The co-author of the International Treaty on Environmental Laws and articles on OHADHA and debt-nature swaps, Ghislaine is also the author of a book entitled “Shareholder Stakes and Statutory Privileges” which is being updated with contributions from Law Professors and Legalteck and whose profits will finance Albatross (www.albatrosslegal.org).

Ghislaine currently practices as attorney Pro bono at the Pro Bono Trophies of the Paris Bar.

Ghislaine currently lives in France with her husband and their four (superb) children whom they have adopted.


pdfCV de Ghislaine Bouillet Cordonnier

Philippe Rosier, Honorary Founding President

Philippe was Cerdia (formerly Rhodia Acetow) President & CEO since April 2015 until now. Spin-off from Solvay into an LBO with Blackstone since June 2017, Rhodia Acetow is a specialty chemical company, leader in the transformation of cellulosic materials for use on different fiber or plastic markets. Philippe has been Rhodia Energy’s and then Solvay Energy's President between 2002 and 2015. He turned the company, initially dedicated to energy purchase, into an international sustainable and profitable company which provides worldwide energy management services and develops “climate care” solutions. He has also been the founding President of orbeo, a 50/50 joint venture with Société Générale dedicated to CO2 emission markets.

In 2014/2015, he leads, together with Solvay Sustainability Director, the task force preparing Solvay new Sustainability strategy.

Philippe is a graduate from ESPCI (Physique et Chimie de Paris, France) and ENSPM (Ecole des Pétroles et Moteurs – IFP, France), and holds an MBA from Insead. He is an auditor from IHEST (Institut des Hautes Etudes pour la Science et la Technologie, France) Philippe Rosier has chaired, for 5 years till end 2018, the Energy, Competitivity and Climate Committee of MEDEF, the french business confederation. For 7 years, he has been the chairman of the Energy Committee of Business Europe, the european business confederation. Since January 2009, he is a Member of the Economic Council for Sustainable Development, created by the French Government, with the objective to lay down the foundations of a new sustainable growth.

Philippe is 55 years old, he is married and has seven children.


pdfCV de Philippe Rosier

Honorary Strategic Committee

Philippe ROSIER, President

  1. Christine ALSFEN-NORODOM - pdfCV
  2. Emmanuel ALTMAYER
  3. Herve DEVILLE
  4. Cornie HUIZENGA
  5. Abdul JABBAR
  7. Thierry ROSSIGNEUX
  8. Arvind SING
  9. Michel YBERT - pdfCV
  10. Zoe ZHAO
  11. Arnaud ZOHOU - pdfCV

Honor Advisory and Oversight Committee

  1. Dr Stéphanie BALME
  2. Dr François BLANC
  3. Dr Jean Pierre DESIDDERI
  4. Dr Lu HE
  5. Dr Edward KWAKWA
  6. Dr Chris MARSHALL - pdfCV
  7. Dr Sarah MAVRINAC
  8. Dr CJ MEADOWS - pdfCV
  9. Pr Pascal METIVIER - pdfCV
  10. Pr Lydia PRICE
  11. Dr Cristina TAIOLI
  12. Dr Raymond ZOUKPO

Scientific and Education Committee

  1. Florence ALTMAYER
  3. Dr Laurence BLANC
  4. Raphaëlle BOUCHET
  5. Myriam CAMUS
  6. Dr Ying CHEN
  7. Marie-José COTE
  8. Pr Stéphanie JEAN-DAUBIAS - pdfCV
  9. Dr Brigitte DESJOYAUX
  10. Jérôme DENIS
  11. Norbert DEVILLE
  12. Dr Inès KAMPFER
  13. Dr Pascal LEROUX
  14. Stéphane MONSALLIER
  15. Dr Suresh NAIR
  16. Ahmadou OUMAROU
  17. William ROUVET
  18. Marie-Pierre SEVE-GUIGNON
  19. Dr Koen SEVENANTS
  20. Koh Yung TUNG
  21. Shen-Ying TUNG
  22. Dr Louis VOVELLE
  23. Dr Yinong ZHANG
  24. A venir
  25. A venir

International Legal Committee (HLSA International Section)

harvard law school

  1. Vangelis ANDREOU (Grèce)
  2. Angel BALLESTEROS (Espagne)
  3. Dr Christian BUHERING-UHLE (Allemagne)
  4. Guiseppe CALABI (Italie)
  5. Felix DASSER (Suisse)
  6. Jin FANG PUN (Taiwan)
  7. Yann HOEWER (Hollande)
  8. Joey HOFILENA (Philippines)
  9. Mohamedu JOHNES (Liberia)
  10. Emad KHALIL (Egypte)
  11. Joseph KTENIDIS (Grèce)
  12. Eva MAPPY-MORGAN (Liberia)
  13. Motonobu MATSUO (Japon)
  14. Mauricio MONTALVO (Equateur)
  15. Francesca MORETTI (Italie)
  16. Antonio NUNES-TRUILLO (Colombie)
  17. Vidal PEARLMAN (Israël)
  18. Edouardo QINTANILLA (Bolivie)
  19. Naima SAID (Nigeria)
  20. Dr Per SEVASTIK (Suède)
  21. Michael STENSTROM (Suède)
  22. Esin TABOGLU (Turquie)
  23. Lawrence TAYLOR (Etats-Unis)
  24. Fernando VILLAREAL-GONDA (Mexique)
  25. Jun WEI (Chine)

Creative and Artistic Committee

  1. Natalie BASTIANELLI - pdfCV
  2. Charlotte BOIDRON
  3. Laurence CLEMENTS
  4. Isabelle COTE
  5. Michael FREEMAN
  6. Laurence GACHON
  8. Sharon HECKER
  9. Florence HONORE-YBERT
  10. Paul HUME
  12. Xu KAYUN
  13. Martin KEMBLE
  14. Rhoda LANE O’KELLY
  15. Li LIANG
  16. Andrew LUM
  17. Melka RIVE
  18. Paul SHIRLEY
  19. Dr. Joao TOLEDO
  20. Philippe TOURNAIRE
  21. Hugues de VAUTHIBAULT
  22. Dr. Ann WARR
  23. Eno YIN
  24. Huang ZHEN
  25. Dr Narany ANN

Almuni Team

  1. Laure Deron
  2. Martine Fontanille
  3. Annick de Kermadec
  4. Mdm Zhang
  5. Michael Zhu
  6. Soline BICH

Operational Team

  1. Sébastien Righini -pdfCV
  2. Hervé Palmier - Site Web
  3. Cheryl Loh - pdfCV
  4. Flora Lan
  5. Adeline Fogel
  6. Geneviève Dell - pdfCV
  7. Constance
  8. Henry Jardy
  9. Magalie Farjot
  10. Pauline Duchossoy
  11. Judy Dupin

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