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Albatross is a foundation devoted to awaken children’s consciousness about environmental protection and nature conservation. It offers innovative, high quality environmental education tools and programs not just in China, but also worldwide. Albatross partners with local organization and companies to distribute curriculum, games and books to a large number of children.

Children are the most influencial communicators, they can spread the word to their family, to their friends, today but also during the remaining time of their life.


Our vision is to educate children to sustainable development with fun and interactive tools


We provide complete corporate training programs for employees, volunteers and children

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Our charity projets in remote minority regions 


The foundation was named Albatross after one of the largest flying birds.  Albatrosses have the largest wingspans (up to 3.6 meter) and are highly efficient in the air, being able to cover great distances with little exertion.  It is also a very 'romantic' bird - bonds between males and females form over several years and last for the life of the pair.